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The History of Annals

Published By: Robert O'Block - Post Date: 4/22/05

One of the most popular benefits of being a member of the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) is a subscription to Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association, the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Psychotherapy Association.

Robert O’Block first published the Annals in March of 1998. Annals started out as a simple four-page newsletter. Its contents included discussions of the benefits of membership in the American Psychotherapy Association, descriptions of the goals of the American Psychotherapy Association, a word from the then-Vice Chairman Dr. Michael Baer, who is now the Chair of the APA executive advisory board, and a mention about APA’s “call for papers” for its first conference in Naples, Florida.

In the year 2000, O’Block gave the Annals a new look by adding more color to its pages and increasing the professionalism of the journal. The journal also added more substance with the expansion of columns and articles about the issues that therapists face on a routine basis.

Throughout the years, Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association has gone through many changes, including the addition of a full-time editorial staff. With the hard work of this editorial team and O'Block's guidance, Annals began to reach new heights of journalistic standards and excellence. The journal, published four times yearly, now ranges from 50 to 60 pages in length, and the articles and columns cover a wide array of topics.

There are also featured continuing education articles that APA members can use to meet their continuing education requirements for other licenses as well as for their continued membership in APA. These articles pool from the vast knowledge of APA’s members and help enhance the continuing education mission of the association. Some prominent members that have been published in Annals include: Dr. Ernest Rossi, who authored an article titled “Art, Beauty, and Truth: The Psychosocial Genomics of Consciousness, Dreams, and Brain Growth in Psychotherapy,” Dr. Arnold Lazarus, author of “Boundary Crossing vs. Boundary Violations,” and Dr. William Mosier, author of “Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship.”

The journal also emphasizes practice management through its columns and articles; this topic has been a main focus of APA in recent years due to member requests. The association is full of very successful practitioners who are willing to share the secrets to their success with their fellow APA members through Annals articles and columns and by presenting special workshops and other events at APA national conferences. Recent articles on practice management topics to be featured in Annals include “Building a Thriving Psychotherapy Practice,” “What Does Management Have to do with Therapy,” and “The Business of Therapy.” Also, members of APA have opportunities to be published in Annals to enhance their careers as professional therapists.

The Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association has grown from a humble newsletter to the nation’s leading peer-reviewed journal and professional tool for APA members to advance themselves in the field of psychotherapy. For more information on Annals or to submit a manuscript for peer review and potential publication, call the editorial department at (800) 205-9165. To learn more about how you can become a member in APA, call toll free at (800) 205-9165.

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