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Certified Relationship Specialist, CRS Desigatnion introduced by the American Psychotherapy Association

Published By: Robert O'Block - Post Date: 4/22/05

According to Robert O'Block, CEO and Founder of The American Psychotherapy Association, "...relationship issues are the most frequent presenting problem encountered in therapy today." Whether it be troubled or deteriorating relationships between spouses or significant others, among family members, between parents and children, among adult children and aging parents, or between coworkers or friends, there is an overwhleming need for skilled and caring professionals who can assist in healing and preserving the valuable connections between people.

As clients seek out helping professionals to assist them in resolving their important relationship problems, it is only natural for them to seek out those helping professionals who are best equipped with the necessary education, experience, knowledge, skills, and training to help them resolve their specific relationship problems. But how is a client to make that determination in an area that is so important to their present and future well being? How does a client sort through all of the available alternatives? It is exactly those significant considerations that gave rise to the Certified Relationship Specialist designation, according to O'Block.

The distinct CRS designation is granted to relationship professionals who meet the stringent criteria established by the American Psychotherapy Association. These criteria are based on the candidate's education, training, years of experience treating clients with relationship issues, specialized knowledge, skills, and other professional accomplishments. Most importantly, the CRS designation indicates to a helping professional's clients, peers, and the public that his or her education, experience, knowledge, skills, and training have been evaluated by an independent organization, communicating that he or she is dedicated to helping clients deal with various types of relationship problems.

O'Block notes that a variety of helping professionals would benefit from the Certified Relationship Specialist certification, including counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clergy, psychoanalysts, social workers, pastoral counselors, and psychiatric nurses. According to O'Block, at the core of the Certified Relationship Specialist program is the premium placed on continuing education. Certified Relationship Specialists are strongly encouraged to complete 15 continuing education (CE) credits each year. These credits may be earned by participating in courses/workshops at the American Psychotherapy Association's annual meetings or by reading relevant articles assigned CE credits in the association's peer-reviewed publication, Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association. Credits may also be earned through the continuing education courses of other equivalent organizations. Several relationship-specific continuing education courses will be offered at the American Psychotherapy Association's Annual National Conferences.

Much of the initial success for the CRS program can be attributed to the guidance provided by the Certified Relationship Specialist Advisory Board. Consisting of nine outstanding professionals from the psychotherapy field who have years of combined experience and vast amounts of expertise in working with relationships, the Board Members are dedicated and committed to contributing their knowledge and wisdom to building this program. The CRS Advisory Board is Chaired by Dr. Daniel J. Reidenberg. The other Board Members are Dr. Dick Wong Gee, Carol Erickson, Dr. Max Hines, Peggy Papp,. Dr. John Ringwald, Casy Self, Abbey Aborn, and Dr. Michael E. Reynolds.

To learn more about the Certified Relationship Specialist designation, receive a program brochure or to make application call toll free (800) 205-9165.

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