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The American Psychotherapy Association Helps Members Improve Their Practices

Published By: Robert O'Block - Post Date: 4/22/05

At the American Psychotherapy Association’s last national conference in Chicago, Illinois, there was an overwhelming sense that the membership is interested in becoming more knowledgeable about different practice management issues that concern them on a daily basis.

Robert O’Block, the founder and CEO of the American Psychotherapy Association, APA, knows that the members need and want as much knowledge about this subject as they can get, which is why the association has made strides towards shedding light on these issues. Therapists come out of school with the knowledge to help a client with his or her issues; however, sometimes the issues related to running a practice effectively are not addressed in their academic studies.

O’Block and his staff understand that the APA is in a unique position to help therapists help their clients as well as run effective practices. These days it is just as important for therapists to keep up with current marketing trends as it is for them to keep up with their continuing education credits to maintain their licenses. The APA has pooled the knowledge from therapists with many different backgrounds and experiences. From some of our highly esteemed, world renowned, Executive Advisory Board Members to our student members who are about to get started on their own careers, the APA has a very diverse group of members.

It is the goal of O’Block and the rest of the staff at the American Psychotherapy Association that our members be able to develop and grow their bottom lines. Also, we want to help our members develop marketing strategies to better promote their individual practices. Getting more referrals is also a top priority for therapists, and one that the APA is trying to help its members with. The National Therapist Locator Service was developed to provide an avenue for the public to gain access to APA members. APA is also placing an added emphasis on practice management issues at its next national conference, to be held in San Diego, September 30 – October 1, 2005.

Of course the other goals of the APA shouldn’t be overlooked either. O’Block is very interested in advancing the field of psychotherapy and providing an outlet where therapists can earn their necessary continuing education credits. Members can earn continuing education credits through APA’s peer-reviewed journal, Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association. APA also helps its members enhance their credibility. Therapists come up against a lot of scrutiny and are always looking for ways to show that they are credible practitioners. The APA provides a necessary service to its members by helping them show the public that they go beyond just the normal call of duty and are part of a prestigious association that is dedicated to advancing the field of psychotherapy.

For more information on the many services offered by the American Psychotherapy Association, please call (800) 205-9165.

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