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"A Forensic Counseling Approach to Prevent Adult & Juvenile Criminality in the new Millennium"

"Seminarians are told that their job will be to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." This is a book that should make everyone uncomfortable. It's not pleasant to read about child abuse. It's even more unpleasant to read about the perpetrator being treated like a patient while the victim is (at best) ignored or (at worst) reunited with the abuser. It is devastating to see how enept we "experts" can be in dealing with crime. Dr. Ryan's latest books is a seminal work that sets us down the road to social sanity."

by William M. Sloane, LL.M., Ph.D, DAPA

Note: Soft Cover @ $32.95

Categories: Nooks 4 Books > Books
Company: E. Scott (Ted) Ryan, Ph.D.


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