APA Online CE Quiz

No. 16

Title: Components of the Physical Environment as Metaphors in Therapy

1. Which term describes the relationship between a client and his or her physical environment?
A) Object-relations
B) Attachement
C) Transitional object
D) Mirroring
E) Introjected objects

2. Which answer is incorrect? Physical environment of the child has to do with:
A) Child´s needs
B) Individual´s identity
C) Individual´s status
D) Individual´s experience
E) Heredity

3. Which sentence describes the relationship between traditional people and their PhE. They are:
A) Attached to PhE
B) Own PhE
C) Sell their property
D) Individuated from PhE
E) Or PhE is distincted from the self

4. In Play Therapy the child:
A) Creates images of the PhE.
B) Acts out his or her conflicts on PhE.
C) Is exposed to his real PhE.
D) Creates stories.
E) Learns how to destroy objects.

5. Desensitization is an intervention that addresses:
A) Internalized objects.
B) Stimuli that is related to trauma.
C) The whole PhE of clients who suffer from trauma.
D) Child-parent attachment.
E) Loved objects in play therapy.

6. Talking about a significant objects in therapy
A) Help clients to deny emotions.
B) Confuse the clients.
C) Confuse the therapist.
D) Make the client detached from the self.
E) Discloses a core conflict in the client´s life.

7. Metaphorical changes are reflected in real changes in the following domains:
A) Psychological
B) Biological
C) Social
D) Biopsychosocial
E) Psychosocial

8. Operating on significant objects in PhE influence the client´s life:
A) Only if the client is aware of its meaning.
B) Whether its meaning is conscious or remains unconscious.
C) Only if the client is unaware of its meaning.
D) Only when the client acts himself on the PhE.
E) Whether the change is known or unknown to the client.

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