APA Online CE Quiz

No. 21

Title: Guided Imagery? The Cutting-Edge Process in Mind/Body Medical Procedures

1. Guided imagery:
A) Is as old as psychotherapy itself.
B) Has been known by many names.
C) Has recently become more accepted by the medical field as a complimentary approach.
D) All the above.

2. This psychotherapist referred to imagery as "superior to dreams in defeating the unconscious for a quickening of maturation in analysis:"
A) Sigmund Freud.
B) Carl Jung.
C) Bernie Siegel.
D) Jeanne Achterberg.
E) Hanscarl Leuner.

3. The term "objective interpretation" means:
A) How we see our inside world.
B) How we see our outside world.
C) All symbols represent someone or something in our physical world.
D) All symbols represent various parts of self.
E) Both B and C above.

4. The authors call their approach to imagery:
A) Active Imagination.
B) Visualizations.
C) Deep Meditation.
D) IntraPersonal Imagery.
E) The midwife that births feelings.

5. The five-step process described in this article:
A) Is equally effective for both emotional and physical pain.
B) Can identify blocks to change.
C) Promotes relaxation as a beginning for healing.
D) All the above.

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