APA Online CE Quiz

No. 25

Title: Developing an "Emotional Sense of Direction": A therapeutic Model for the Treatment of Emotional Abuse

2. According to this article, one of the reasons victims may return to an emotionally abusive situation is because:
A) They want to get even with their abusers.
B) It is all they think they deserve.
C) They are too lazy to end the relationship.
D) They lack the resources to move away from their abusers.

1. Which of the following is NOT a cycle of emotional abuse referred to in the article?
A) Rage
B) Abandonment/Rejection
C) Jealousy
D) Extreme Overprotection

3. The member of Sigmund Freuds inner Viennese circle who developed the concept of healing through discovering
A) Alfred Adler
B) Carl Jung
C) Ernest Jones
D) Otto Rank

4. In the group therapy experience described, members refer to each other as colleagues because:
A) They are encouraged to work on communication skills between sessions.
B) The word is a metaphor that implies hard work.
C) Each is encouraged to share group events, protecting confidentiality, with a trusted colleague.
D) Socialization during and following each group teaches group members how to be colleagues.

5. True or False: The use of quotations from poets, philosophers and writers adds focus to the group therapy process.
A) True
B) False

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