APA Online CE Quiz

No. 36

Title: Filial Therapy

1. The founder(s) of filial play therapy was (were):
A) B. and L. Guerney.
B) C. Rogers.
C) V. Axline.

2. The goals of filial play therapy are to:
A) Prevent severe psychopathology in children.
B) Teach parents basic play therapy techniques, reduce parental stress and enhance child-parent relationships.
C) Restructure children?s core cognitive schemas.

3. In Stage 3 of group filial therapy workshops, parents:
A) Observe the psychotherapist conducting play therapy sessions with group members` children.
B) Conduct play therapy with their own children and receive feedback from the psychotherapist.
C) Practice in vivo play therapy sessions with their own children while at home.

4. Filial therapy has been successfully used with:
A) Chinese parents.
B) Native American parents.
C) Parents of learning-disabled children.
D) All of the above.

5. Which of the following parental skills would likely NOT be a part of filial therapy?
A) Using strict reward/punishment contingencies in the household.
B) Sitting and talking with the child in order to understand his/her perspective.
C) Verbally reflecting what a child is doing while playing with toys.

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