APA Online CE Quiz

No. 37

Title: Tips for Professional Writing

1. Once you have chosen a journal, you can get the most guidance for style from:
A) Other professional journals.
B) The journal?s information for authors.
C) The journal?s table of contents.
D) The journal?s index.

2. Instead of first writing out the full word, use abbreviations in the text:
A) Liberally to make content shorter.
B) To denote units of measurement such as mg/dl.
C) As often as possible to show readers you are familiar with the terminology.
D) In place of long scientific words such as PKU for phenylketonuria.

3. Each article you write should:
A) Be pertinent to a wide audience.
B) Reflect your opinion and not those of others.
C) Not contain Internet references.
D) Fit the style of the journal to which it is submitted.

4. Good writers:
A) Avoid writing about subjects in which they are experts so as to avoid overwhelming readers.
B) Provide explanations to the editors and reviewers so they don?t have to revise manuscripts.
C) Re-read, edit, and revise their manuscripts multiple times.
D) Keep a single copy of their manuscript on their computer.

5. To keep track of the latest copy of a manuscript:
A) Include the revision date in the file name each time you save the manuscript.
B) Write the date of revision on your original manuscript.
C) Keep all old versions on your computer.
D) Finish the article in one day and avoid revisions.

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