APA Online CE Quiz

No. 39

Title: Fostering Sound Medical Treatment Decision Making: A Focus on Treatment Choices for Breast Cancer

1. A good way to minimize bias in presentation of treatment options is to:
A) Ensure all options are presented.
B) Present options in randomized order.
C) Be certain the information is clearly understood.
D) All of the above

2. Common deterrents to effective treatment decision making include:
A) Decisions are expected to be made quickly.
B) Patients are not given choices by doctors.
C) Most patients initially experience an existential crisis when faced with a life-threatening disease.
D) Both A & C.

3. When should the therapist or doctor attempt to break through the patient?s denial?
A) Never.
B) When the patient has minimal understanding about his or her disease process.
C) When the patient?s family is feeling frustrated.
D) When the level of denial is preventing the patient from accessing medical treatment for his or her disease.

4. Factors that are often considered when making breast cancer treatment decisions include:
A) Cosmesis.
B) Short-term side effects of the treatment.
C) Pre-existing beliefs about treatments.
D) All of the above.

5. The implementation of informed consent statutes have had the effect of:
A) Creating divergent geographical rates of surgical choice (lumpectomy vs. mastectomy).
B) Assisting patients in having a stronger voice in their healthcare.
C) Accentuating patient responsibility for outcome.
D) All of the above.

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