APA Online CE Quiz

No. 4

Title: Role of Authenticity in healthy psychological functioning and subjective well-being

1. The components of authenticity presented in this article are:
A) Awareness, understanding, archetype, modeling
B) Awareness, unbiased processing, behavior, attentional
C) Awareness, defensiveness, flexibility, dyadic
D) Awareness, unbiased processing, behavior, relational orientation

2. Awareness refers to:
A) Recognizing existing polarities in one`s personality.
B) Trust in one`s motives, feelings, desires and self-relevant cognitions.
C) Acceptance of only those self-aspects deemed internally consistent with one`s overall self-concept.
D) a, b, & c
E) a & b

3. The Authenticity Inventory as a whole (i.e., composite) was found to be significantly related to which of the following variable(s)?
A) Self-esteem level
B) Contingent self-esteem
C) Life satisfaction
D) Net negative affect
E) All of the above

4. The authors suggest that the behavioral component of authenticity may have implications for a particular aspect of psychological functioning and well-being. Which one of the following?
A) Global appraisals of life satisfaction
B) Self-esteem processes
C) The frequency of experiencing positive or negative affect
D) Self-actualization

5. The authors propose the value of the Authenticity Inventory is that it offers a relatively broad conceptualization of authenticity that incorporates aspects of authenticity that previously have been implicated in well-being and psychological functioning.
A) True
B) False

6. The authors propose that the Authenticity Inventory includes aspects of authenticity that have previously been explicitly supported empirically.
A) True
B) False

7. According to the authors` view, behavioral authenticity involves behavior that reflects:
A) Self-enhancement
B) Self-determination
C) Self-presentation
D) Self-verification

8. In the authors` view, authenticity has been demonstrated to occur in both Eastern and Western cultures.
A) True
B) False

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