APA Online CE Quiz

No. 44

Title: Psychotherapy with African American Populations: Modification of Traditional Approaches

1. Which of the following statements about African American cultural values is FALSE?
A) African American families are primarily matriarchal.
B) African American culture uses the church as a social center as well as for spiritual needs.
C) African American culture is known for using humor to educate, entertain, assuage emotional pain, and as a guise to attack social injustice with impunity.

2. Which of the following is TRUE?
A) African Americans have no more mental health problems than any other ethnic groups.
B) Blacks in inner-city ghettos are more likely to have a diagnosis of PTSD that is overlooked or misdiagnosed than Whites are.
C) African Americans turn to their general practitioner first for mental health problems.

3. For many African Americans, community mental health services are:
A) Limited to emergency rooms, inpatient services, residential centers, and detox programs.
B) Abundant and offered at low costs.
C) Seen as a way to improve one's self and one's relationships.

4. Barriers to treatment for African Americans include:
A) The belief that White providers do not want to treat them and want only to give them pills to ``quiet them down.``
B) The belief that going to a psychiatrist means you are ``crazy,`` a stigma in the Black community.
C) The attitude that If psychotherapy is ``just talk`` I can talk to my friends, family, and minister.
D) All of the above are true.

5. Which of the following statements about cultural-adaptive therapy is FALSE?
A) It offers a deliberate effort to understand the socio-cultural context of the patient as it relates to psychosocial function and symptoms.
B) A service provider who is uses cultural-adaptive therapy does not need to be a good psychotherapist.
C) Culture adaptive therapy uses lay terms.

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