APA Online CE Quiz

No. 68

Title: Rx Primer for Prescription Medications, The Medicines for Side Effects - Part Two

1. The tremor that may accompany the use of lithium may be treated with:
A) bethanechol (UrecholineTM)
B) docusate sodium (ColaceTM)
C) phenytoin (DilantinTM)
D) propranolol (InderalTM)

2. The ?off label? use of a medicine means using it:
A) For something other than the conditions for which the Food and Drug Administration has approved it.
B) For a secondary use, also approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but at a later (?off?) time.
C) Inappropriately for something for which it cannot legally be used.
D) With another medication that is ?labeled? for use with a certain condition or diagnosis.

3. Constipation falls into the following category of side effects:
A) Arousal
B) Autonomic
C) Extrapyramidal (EPS)
D) Neurological

4. Mood stabilizers:
A) Usually cause no side effects.
B) Cause enough side effects to be intolerable.
C) Can cause a side effect known as ?tremor.?
D) Consist only of lithium (LithobidTM, EskalithTM).

5. Other options to consider so as to decrease or eliminate side effects besides adding another medication would include:
A) Decreasing the dose of the offending medicine.
B) Changing the offending medicine to a different schedule.
C) Stopping the offending medicine.
D) All of the above

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