APA Online CE Quiz

No. 74

Title: The Perils of Supervision and Teaching in a Psychotherapeutic Setting

1. The psychotherapy adopted by the author is:
A) Nondirective.
B) Psychodynamic.
C) Existential.
D) Humanistic.

2. The step in processing the patient that is usually omitted by the supervisor, which may place him or her in legal jeopardy, is:
A) Supervising the supervisee.
B) Seeing the supervisee?s patient.
C) Note taking.
D) Countertransference.

3. The supervisee may show the strongest resistance to the teaching experience through:
A) Devaluation.
B) Self importance.
C) Denial.
D) Games.

4. Which of the following authors maintains that countertransference is any emotional response of the psychotherapist to the patient?
A) Freud
B) James
C) Erickson
D) Fenichel

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