APA Online CE Quiz

No. 89

Title: A Niche and a Need: A Summary of the Need for Sport Psychology

1. Where do employment opportunities for sport psychology consultants exist?
A) University athletic departments
B) University and college counseling centers
C) Private sport training facilities
D) All of the above

2. The Williams and Scherzer (2003) study of graduates of advanced sport psychology training programs found that most sport psychology doctoral students obtained positions in:
A) University athletic departments.
B) University and college academic departments providing educational instruction.
C) Private sport training centers.
D) University counseling centers.

3. The present study found that most athletic directors:
A) Believed sport psychology services were not beneficial.
B) Only wanted to hire individuals with both AAASP certification and licensure as a psychologist.
C) Only wanted sport psychology consultants to provide performance enhancement services.
D) Believed that sport psychology services were beneficial.

4. Athletic directors reported that the most common providers of sport psychology services to athletic departments were:
A) Licensed counselors.
B) Licensed social workers.
C) AAASP-certified consultants.
D) Licensed psychologists.

5. The most common reason given by athletic directors for not hiring a sport psychology consultant was:
A) There are no enough qualified individuals to provide these services.
B) Sport psychology is not beneficial.
C) Coaches do not feel sport psychology services are necessary.
D) Their budget could not afford a sport psychology consultant.

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