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What is the CFC program?

The CFC Course and Exam will be offered at this year's certification conference in Dallas, TX, June 1-2, 2007.

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The Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC) program is intended to train forensic professionals in the law, both generally and specifically.  It educates individuals in the fine points of being competent and knowledgeable forensic consultants in the unique environment of the American judicial system.

The purpose of this course and examination is to teach forensic professionals both ethics and jurisprudence and to test their knowledge of the field of law.  It is presumed that you are already knowledgeable in your primary specialty, but will experience a profound paradigm shift when you are dropped into the legal arena.  The intensive study and examination will prepare you to be successful in court as you take part in the adversarial system of American jurisprudence.

Recognition as a Credentialed Professional in Forensic Consulting

The CFC designation contributes to the weight of your testimony relating to your qualifications, your knowledge of the scope of the issues, the validity of the evidence presented, your application of specialized knowledge to the facts in the case, and the relevance of the evidence to the issues in the case.


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