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In general, the process of your part in creating the course will be:

  1. Write the objectives to be learned.
  2. Outline the content structure based upon the objectives, so that content will elaborate upon and cover objectives.
    1. Write and create the textual content using word processing or PowerPoint software.
      1. Open the course Word or PowerPoint template provided in the course submission packet, and save as a word processing or presentation.
      2. Begin writing content, or copying and pasting into the template.
    2. Create the multimedia content.
      1. Decide upon audio, video, or still images to include (or include all).
        1. Gather materials
          1. For video, this will usually also include a microphone.
        2. Obtain software. This may include:
          1.  Windows Movie Maker (Microsoft)
          2. Imovie (Apple)
          3. CamStudio (open source)
          4. Picasa
          5. Adobe Photoshop
          6. Windows audio and voice recorder
          7. Image/video capture program which came with your computer.
        3. Use software to transfer digital content from the camera, microphone, or other device to the computer.
        4. Save the media files.
    3. Cite the content correctly, and provide model/copyright/property releases if applicable.
      1. Images, movies, sounds, property, etcetera: Use the model, copyright, and property release documents provided by ACFEI.
      2. Format citations in APA style.
        1. Open a web browser on the computer.
        2. Go to the site:
        3. Follow the prompts for how many authors and what type of work.
        4. Fill in the fields as the site directs.
        5. Press the button that says “build citation”.
        6. Highlight the citation with the mouse.
          1. either right click and select “copy” or press “Ctrl” and “C”
        7. Toggle the computer screen back to your word or powerpoint document.
          1. either right click and select “paste” or press “Ctrl” and “V"
  3. Write a multiple choice test based upon the course content and objectives.
    1. Open the excel spreadsheet template provided in the course submission packet.
    2. Save as a spreadsheet.
    3. Enter questions and answers
      1. Indicate correct answer in far right column using the capital letter A followed by the number of the column; as exemplified in the sample question on this spreadsheet.
  4. The expert will send the subject matter and test to the online course coordinator.
      1. The expert will create a free personal account on the website
      2. Type in the online course coordinator’s email address in the “to” field
      3.  Click the “browse” button and locate file to upload.
      4. Repeat until all course files are uploaded and sent.



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