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APA Members Now Have Access to Low-Cost, Pre-Paid Legal Coverage

APA membership just became more valuable with the addition of yet another benefit available at rates exclusive to APA members -- pre-paid legal coverage. Along with low cost long-term care insurance and term life insurance, pre-paid legal coverage is just another reason why APA membership is worth so much to you.

The plan, provided by Legal Club of America®, the premier pre-paid legal services provider in the country, gives you and your family ready access to a pre-qualified lawyer with years of legal experience at drastically reduced rates. Another added benefit of the Legal Club of America® plan -- free Internet access.

Why do you need pre-paid legal coverage?

The American Bar Association reports that more than 150,000,000 Americans cannot afford even the simplest of legal care at the current costs of legal services. According to the ABA the average law abiding person has a 50-50 chance of needing an attorney every 12 months, whether for complicated issues such as bankruptcy and contested divorces or for simple issues such as real estate closings and traffic ticket defense. It is important that even the simplest of documents be prepared by an expert in the legal profession to offer the utmost protection in the event of future conflict. Unfortunately, the historically high cost of legal representation (national average, $184 per hour) has made it prohibitive for most individuals and small businesses to ensure adequate and reliable legal protection for themselves and their families.

That’s why the American Psychotherapy Association and Legal Club of America® are teaming up to change the way APA members access the legal system and the attorneys who are a part of it. Legal Club is the nation’s premier Group Legal Services Plan in the worksite market place. Legal Club has created several legal plans designed to service the legal needs of individuals and business owners -- all at exclusive rates for APA members. A nationwide network of more than 12,000 attorneys have contracted with Legal Club of America® to provide many free and discounted services. Qualified attorneys will be assigned to each APA member who enrolls based on three criteria:

  • Area of law
  • Location
  • Language spoken

Legal Club of America® was created in 1993 to make comprehensive, affordable legal counsel available to millions of Americans who lack access to legal services.

Legal Club of America® is offering two plans at exclusive rates for APA members.

  • Individual/Family Legal Plan -- Designed to service the legal needs of the member, spouse and dependents age 23 or younger.
  • Small Business Legal Plan -- Designed to meet the legal needs of the business owner.

Legal Club of America® has a nationwide network of attorneys who provide members of each of these plans with numerous free and deeply discounted legal services, as well as low capped hourly rates for all extended legal care, in or out of court.

Non-insurance vs.Insurance

Each plan offers continuity across the nation as well sas some very distinct advantages. APA members will never be faced with limitations on usage, waiting periods, claim forms to fill out, claims adjusters, increased fees for usage and most importantly, no pre-existing condition exclusions. APA members, their spouse and dependents 23 and younger are given immediate access to the legal program and its entire network of pre-qualified attorneys.

Features of the Individual/Family Legal Plan

Seven Free Services

  1. Unlimited initial phone consultations for all new legal matters
  2. Unlimited face to face initial consultations for all new legal matters
  3. Phone calls made and letters written on your behalf
  4. Help representing yourself in small claims court
  5. Help solving problems with government programs such as welfare and INS
  6. Document review (up to six pages)
  7. Simple will for the family with free annual updates

*Costs and filing fees for any of the above is additional. See the Planmember Guidebook for a complete description of benefits.

Contingency fee discounts

The fees for contingency-based cases, such as personal injury and collections, are often expressed as a percentage of the amount collected or awarded. In some cases, fee maximums are set by state law. In these matters, member’s fees will be a 10 percent reduction of the state maximum rate or the attorney’s usual rate, whichever is lower.

Guaranteed low hourly rates

Extended service and in-court representation is available from participating attorneys for no more than $75 per hour. This is a tremendous savings from the national average of $184 per hour charge for partner attorneys. In most cases, the attorneys will be able to estimate the amount of hours any given case may consume prior to beginning work on the case.

Small Business Legal Plan

Free attorney-provided services

  • Unlimited phone consultations during business hours for new legal matters
  • Attorney will review as many as five independent documents each month. These include business documents, contracts, signed or unsigned, up to 10 pages each.
  • Initial calls made on behalf of your business by your plan attorney (two per month). Follow up calls are made at the deeply discounted hourly rate of $89.
  • Initial letters written on behalf of your business. Three per month for new subjects; follow up letters are written at the hourly rate of $89.
  • Initial collection letters are limited to 10 per month. More than 10, and any follow up letters are written at the discounted hourly rate or at the contingency fee percentage, depending upon what you and your plan attorney decide.
  • One on one consultations for each new legal matter. Thirty minute time limit per subject matter. Time over 30 minutes per subject will be at the hourly rate of $89.
  • Registered Agent for your business in the state in which you are incorporated as well as other states where you do business.

Special privileges for plan members

  • Guaranteed low hourly rates -- Out-of-court representation is available at $89 per hour. In-court representation is available from participating attorneys for no more than $109 per hour. This is a tremendous savings from the national average of $184 per hour charge for partner attorneys. Again, in most cases, the attorneys will be able to estimate the amount of hours any given case may consume prior to beginning work on the case.
  • Contingency fee discounts -- Attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis on such cases as personal injury and collections. This fee is usually expressed as a percentage of the amount collected or awarded. In collection matters, your attorney will accept 18 percent if the case is settled before formal court proceedings begin. After proceedings begin, the fee is 27 percent. On all other contingency matters, there is a 10 percent discount on the lower of either the state maximum or the attorney’s standard rate.

Attorney selection

  • Legal Club of America® has created and built a qualified, professional network of plan member attorneys and has gone to great lengths to make sure all attorneys meet strict guidelines. Legal Club of America® does background checks on its entire network of attorneys every three months with each state’s attorney regulatory department. The attorney database is categorized by location, area of law and languages spoken. This makes for referrals to the most qualified attorney.
  • The average Legal Club of America® network attorney exceeds 19 years,

All member attorneys agree to:

  • Maintain an active license to practice law in their state(s)
  • Maintain good standing in their respective bar associations or licensing departments (whichever is applicable)
  • Carry professional liability insurance
  • Agree to provide legal services to plan members while adhering to the terms and conditions of our most recent fee schedule, and maintain an office for the practice of law in their state

Free Internet access**

  • Another benefit of signing up with Legal Club of America® is free Internet access.
  • Internet service is provided by the nation’s leading provider of highly reliable free Internet access. This alone is a savings of up to $250 per year.

    • Your Internet service includes:
      • Free use
      • Free e-mail
      • Fast connection speeds up to 56K
      • Customized content
      • Your free Internet access comes with local access numbers which are available nationwide in the continental United States and are searchable by state and/or area code. The free Internet access also includes free e-mail, online support, time saving tutorials and a customized navigation bar that makes surfing the Internet a snap.
      • Free Internet access utilizes the same model used by television and radio: advertisers pay the service provider to have their ads displayed. That means you don’t have to pay CBS to watch David Letterman or NBC to watch the nightly news. The advertisers pay -- not the user.
      • Free E-mail -- Flexible and convenient network e-mail is provided. All you need is a browser and a connection to the Web.
      • Tech Support -- Trained technical representatives are available to answer your questions in a courteous and efficient manner. Online support is always free. Telephone support may be accessed for a small fee per minute.
      • Online Support -- With free Internet access, you can submit a technical question and receive a timely response from a trained technical representative.

Now is the time to take advantage of this new benefit, available at exclusive rates only for APA members. For more information, fill out and mail or fax the form below. You may also call toll free (800) 423-9737, e-mail or write to Professionals Choice, P.O. Box 4006, Springfield, MO 65808-4006.

**Juno Free Internet access will be delivered to your home under separate cover. Free Internet access is not guaranteed for any length of time and is subject to change and/or cancellation at the sole discretion of Juno™ Online Services, Inc. Juno’s™ terms and conditions can be found at Subject to the terms and conditions of Juno™ Online Services, Inc.



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