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hen people think of legal insurance, they sometimes wonder why they even need it. You probably
are thinking, “Why would I need that kind of insurance? I never have needed a lawyer before, and if I ever do, I’ll just pay for the services myself.” Unfortunately, what people don’t realize is that for every three Americans, one will need the advice of a lawyer in the next 12 months. Another startling fact: almost 70% of all Americans have not even drawn up a will.

You should consider purchasing insurance from Legal Club of America if you:

  • Have ever been issued a traffic citation.
  • Want to buy a home or a car.
  • Need a divorce.
  • Want to prepare a will.
  • Need help collecting child support.
  • Have ever been audited by the IRS.
  • Need to file for bankruptcy.
  • Need to resolve warranty issues.
  • Have ever wanted to dispute an unfair bill or charge.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider pre-paid legal insurance from Legal Club of America. Legal support can be financially overwhelming. With the right insurance, the cost of legal assistance can be dramatically reduced, leaving you free to use your money for other, more important, things in life---like your family.



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