The Psychotherapists Oath

As a psychotherapist:

  • I must first do no harm.
  • I will promote healing and well-being in my clients and place the client’s and public’s interests above my own at all times.
  • I will respect the integrity of the persons with whom I am working, and I will remain objective in my relationships with clients and will act with integrity in dealing with other professionals.
  • I will provide only those services for which I have had the appropriate training and experience and will keep my technical competency at the highest level in order to uphold professional standards of practice.
  • I will not violate the physical boundaries of the client and will always provide a safe and trusting haven for healing.
  • I will defend the profession against unjust criticism and defend colleagues against unjust actions.
  • I will seek to improve and expand my knowledge through continuing education.
  • I will refrain from any conduct that would reflect adversely upon the best interest of The American Psychotherapy Association and its ethical standards.

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