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Submission Guidelines

Guidelines For Submission for the Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association

 The American Psychotherapy Association is seeking well-written, organized essays for publication in the Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association.  

 1)             Manuscripts should be checked for content and style (correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar; accuracy and consistency in the citation of figures, tables and references; stylistic uniformity of entries in the references section; etc.).

2)             Manuscripts should be approximately 4-6 typed pages, double-spaced on one side of 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper using generous margins on all sides, and submit the original and three copies (including copies of all illustrations and tables). A computer diskette must accompany article, with the article saved in text-only or Microsoft Word format.

3)         All manuscripts should include a title page consisting of the following: Title of the article, author’s name, and running head. The running head is a one-sentence description of article and should be less than 80 characters.

4)         A list of 3-5 key words must be provided. Key words should express the precise content of the manuscript, as they are used for indexing purposes.

5)         An abstract must be provided, preferably no longer than 150 words.

6)         A one paragraph biography of the author should follow the article.

7)             Illustrations (photographs, drawings, diagrams, and charts) are to be numbered in consecutive series. The captions for illustrations should be typed on the same page as the illustration. 

8)         Tables should be numbered and referred to by a number in the text.  Each table should be typed on a separate sheet of paper.  Center the title above the table, and type explanatory footnotes (preferably indicated by super-script lowercase letters) below the table.

9)         In addition, all manuscripts must include:

·        List of at least four (4) learning objective covered by the paper (i.e., “After reading this paper, readers       should be able to demonstrate and recognize, etc.”)

·        Eight to 10 multiple-choice questions (and the correct answers), but sufficient in number to cover the learning objectives.

·        A current CV of all of the authors.

10)             References and their text citations should be prepared as the reference style recommended in the 1995 Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Fourth Edition). List references alphabetically at the end of the paper and refer to them in the text by name and year in parentheses. References should include (in this order): last names and initials of all authors, year published, title of article, name of publication, volume number, and inclusive pages.

 These guidelines are subject to changes as determined by the Editorial Advisory Board.




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