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DigiScriptThe conference is over. You took mental and handwritten notes. You now realize there are important details you have forgotten or aren’t clearly referenced in your notes…or maybe you were not able to attend the conference. Relax, all is not lost. We have charted a way for you to retrieve this information whenever you need to.

 The American Psychotherapy Association has partnered with DigiScript, Inc., ™ The Knowledge Management Company,™ to provide valuable digital archiving of the content presented at the conference. That content is now available to our members by utilizing DigiScript’s trademarked ePoster™ and eLecture™ products to make the information uniquely and continuously accessible. So, just like a trusted guide, we’ve established a trail that you can follow to reach this helpful conference information whenever you need to.

And as a further benefit, DigiScript’s Virtual Library, connecting conference and symposia information from associations and universities worldwide, is also available to our members. This allows our members to tap into the vast amount of knowledge available all in one place… accessible anytime!

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  • Click on the “Visit Our Virtual Library” icon to access the APA Virtual Library site

  • Click the “Login” icon at the top right

  • Fill out the information requested for registration

  • Choose your subscription option (APAVirtual Library or DigiScript Virtual Library)

  • Enter your payment information and

  • Click submit!

 It’s that easy!

 We trust you’ll find this unique navigational tool something you’ll turn to often, and the information that might have otherwise been lost will be rediscovered again and again.

Log on today to discover what you’ve been missing!


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