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Diplomate Status

Diplomate status in the American Psychotherapy Association represents an important step toward achieving widespread credibility with the public and other professionals.

The Importance of Diplomate Status

Diplomate Status distinguishes the psychotherapist as having met specific and stringent competency-based requirements as an expert in the field of psychotherapy.

Diplomate Status by the APA is an acknowledgement of a high level of professional knowledge, skill, experience and training in the art and science of psychotherapy.

Diplomate Status serves to professionalize the skills, talents, abilities and practice of psychotherapy.

Diplomate Status gives recognition by a nationally respected organization for the expert in the field of psychotherapy.

Diplomate Status sets a standard for the knowledge, training, education, character, skills, and experience required to render appropriate and suitable psychotherapy, based upon sound principles of practice.

Diplomate Status provides a sense of uniformity and establishes a link to a predetermined standard of performance.

Diplomate Status sets established educational and experiential standards for practicing psychotherapy.

Diplomate Status gives the individual therapists a collective voice against the encroaching voices of managed care and others who seem not to recognize either the value of, or necessity for, long term psychotherapy for certain types of clients.

Diplomate Status shows that the therapist has met a code of standards necessary to practice the profession.

Diplomate Status symbolizes the psychotherapistís achievement and commitment to the profession.


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