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Presenter: Gloria Kay Vanderhorst, PhD

Schedule: April 16, 2009 @ 3:00PM CST

Credits: 2 Continuing Education credits for ACFEI or American Psychotherapy Association.

This two-hour Webinar reveals an apparent pattern of relational development as evidenced through 30 years of practice and experience with the treatment of boys and men. This pattern shows that over time the man’s access to emotional states is systematically reduced through early relational experiences in the family and in the community. This diminished capacity impacts the man’s ability to engage in relationships on an intimate level. Relationships with  a spouse, children, extended family, friends, and ultimately with a sense of connection to the world is impaired.

Case studies will be used to demonstrate the effect of early socialization on the formation of emotional patterns that guide the man’s relationships with others. The connection between early interactions with parents and others and later emotional capability and range will be described. Stages of emotional deterioration and collapse of access to feelings will be explained to demonstrate that our current socialization of boys hinders the emotional range of men. A model for addressing this relational deficit and improving access to the full range of emotionality through spiritual development will be presented.

Participants will learn:

  • The four common causes for adult men to seek psychotherapy.
  • The most recent results regarding gender differences in the brain.
  • To interview men for hidden connections to boyhood emotional education.
  • How to apply the relational dynamics of early parenting practices that diminish a boy’s access to emotional growth to treatment planning for adult men.
  • To develop a framework for conceptualizing the emotional potential and how to help men access that potential.
  • To plan therapeutic interventions that use a man’s current self-understanding to facilitate emotional growth.

Dr. Vanderhorst has been in practice for over 30 years. From 1975 through 2006, Dr. Vanderhorst was the president of Vanderhorst & Associates, a multidisciplinary private practice in Baltimore, Maryland, which included psychiatry, psychology, social work, and pastoral counseling. When she moved to Washington, D.C., she served as the Director of Family and Children Services for the Chesapeake ADHD Center in Silver Spring, MD and is currently in private practice.  Dr. Vanderhorst is skilled in Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy and trained in Family Systems. She has development, and has lectured on child development throughout the Mid-Atlantic area and testified in numerous cases regarding the best interest of the child. She has effectively treated adults in individual and group therapy and developed skills training workshops for families, couples and children. She has a subspecialty in working with men and is considered an expert in the treatment of men with anxiety resulting from previously unidentified ADHD or LD. She has worked closely with physicians, school counselors, tutors, child advocates, lawyers, and coaches.


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