hapters are intended to be very informal gatherings of local APA members. APA’s intention is to put local members in touch with each other for the purpose of networking together, not to incur another complex layer of bureaucracy.


APA chapters will provide a forum for APA members residing within the same city or region to:

  • Discuss common issues in their psychotherapy practices
  • Provide informal mentoring for new members.
  • Attract new members within the same region or city.
  • Provide an informal source for local case referrals to interested parties.


Chapters are intended to be monthly or bimonthly gatherings at a local meeting venue.

  • Local APA members will serve as coordinators of the chapters. Coordinators will initially be appointed by APA, however subsequent coordinators may be elected by the chapter members.
  • The coordinator will be provided with a list of APA members in their area, including names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers.
  • The coordinator will provide APA’s National Office with a list of members of the chapter.

Reports and Project Proposals:

The coordinator may provide APA Headquarters with brief reports of meetings that are relevant to chapter members or the National APA membership. These reports should include any specific project proposals that may be developed by the chapter.

  • Reports may be submitted for publication in a regular column in Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association.
  • Reports may be e-mailed to each chapter member.
  • Any projects proposed by the chapter should be submitted in writing to APA Headquarters so that the proposal can be distributed to the appropriate APA advisory board for possible approval for action.

Disclaimer: Chapters are intended to function as informal, independent groups. It is therefore necessary that APA and the chapters agree to the following restrictions:

  • Chapters shall not be an agent and shall not have any actual or apparent authority to act on behalf of APA.
  • Chapters may not make any official public or private statements on behalf of APA.
  • Chapters may not use APA’s logo without prior written approval from APA’s Executive Director.
  • Chapters may not collect dues, application fees, or any other monies on behalf of APA.
  • Chapters may not engage in fund-raising activities without the express written approval of APA’s Executive Director.
  • Chapter members are responsible to incur any and all expenses related to their meetings.


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