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The American Psychotherapy Association’s National Locator Service can help you expand your services nationwide! Our service ushers those seeking psychological assistance into the world of professional, licensed therapists who can help clients deal with a broad range of issues. The locator service bridges the gap between people needing psychological help and qualified professionals specializing in mental health care, by providing a network of thousands of licensed counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists nation-wide who are qualified in every aspect of mental health.

Here is how it works:

  • Consumers fill out a simple form selecting the State and Specialty area they desire to search (sorted alphabetically by city)
  • The service will display all registered American Psychotherapy Association professionals who have indicated they serve that particular specialty.
  • Diplomates of APA are listed at the top of each search.
  • The contact information for the APA member is listed for the consumer to contact directly.
  • Click here to see a sample search
  • If you are an active APA Diplomate in good standing,you will receive 2 FREE specialty listings. Additional listings are available for $20/yr per specialty.
  • Non-Diplomate listings are available for APA members at a low annual fee of $45 for two specialty listings. Additional listings are available for $20/yr per specialty.
  • What if you are not an active American Psychotherapy Association member? Then now is your chance - register online here! Take advantage of our exciting membership benefits today!
Stop wondering where you will get your next client. APA’s National Locator Service will be there to help solve that problem for you!


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