APA Blog http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/ A blog about the news and events of APA. Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT BirdBlog Insurance Coverage Resource http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=15 Tue, 13 Jun 2006 17:56:12 GMT New York State Information http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=15 Visit the following website to check insurance coverage for MHC. http://www.nymhca.org/Insurancecompanies.html This valuable information was provided by one of our NY members! Keep sharing! Thanks! http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=15 Insurance Coding & Diagnosis Help http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=14 Mon, 05 Jun 2006 20:06:14 GMT Member Inquiries http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=14 I'm wondering if anyone knows of some printed material or training of some sort on how to translate psychodynamic psychotherapy into terms that insurance companies will accept when they're looking for measurable, behavioral goals. I have a long-term patient with severe PTSD, not to mention the other things she struggles with . How can I possibly help someone from this behavioral mindset understand what we've been doing in therapy so that they will continue her twice a week treatment? Needless to say this is a new insurance company. Any resources that you could direct me to would be appreciated. http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=14 APA Members http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=13 Tue, 16 May 2006 13:23:13 GMT General http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=13 Hello Everyone! Just wanted to write a quick note to say how excited I am about the conference! I have gotten the opportunity to speak with so many of you on the phone, and I cannot wait to meet you in person. As Assistant to the Chief Association Officer, I want you to know that if you have any quesitons, comments, feedback, etc. please feel free to contact me at 800-592-1461. You will all be recieving a survey via e-mail this week. Response from our members is very important as that assist us in meeting the needs and goals of our members! Thank you for your assistance! Best Wishes, Lisa Dralle http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=13 Important Info for NY Members http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=12 Mon, 15 May 2006 15:05:20 GMT New York State Information http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=12 Please join together with your New York colleagues to ensure that your provider specialty is covered under insurance contracts. The following information is from an APA member who resides in New York. New York State has currently provided for the licensing of four new mental disciplines, namely, creative arts therapy, marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling, and psychoanalysis. The grandparenting period ended on December 31, 2005. The period of compliance with the new legislation whihc mandates that all mental health practitioners in New York State be licensed was extended to 2007 in order to accommodate the extraordinary number of candidates applying. It is anticipated that close to 10,000 people will be grandparented in this period and many more will apply as candidates become eligible under the post-grandparenting provisions. The legislation which created the licensing was aimed at both assuring consumer protection and consumer choice in the mental health field. Each discipline is extremely valuabe as a modality and it therefore becomes important to communicate to insurers of mental health services the necessity of constructing contracts which open up and allow for a range of professional services. Unfortunately in this early period of entering our new professional licesnes into the data bases of the insurers, it has come to the attention of some of us that roadblocks to reimbursement for our services exist. Particularly Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare have indicated that their contractual agreements do not allow for providers in New York State other than psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, and licensed social workers and that there is no current intention to include the new disciplines. It is still early to determine what other roadblocks may occur, but it is extremely important to assemble the resources ahead of time to challenge the status quo. If you would like to become involved and/or need further information, please email me at kelly@americanpsychotherapy.com or call (800) 205-9165. http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=12 NY Resources for Counselors http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=9 Tue, 04 Apr 2006 12:54:08 GMT Member Inquiries http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=9 Sonya McMillan writes: I got my Master's last year in Counseling Pychology. I am taking the last two of my classes to get my 60 hours to take the NCE on July 22nd in Maryland. I want to relocate to the New York City area. I am interested in finding out about jobs in N.Y. to complete my 2000 hours. I am interested in all areas of counseling. I am doing internship hours at an addiction center. I also like doing assessments. I would like to move by mid to late June. I need help and advice from anyone who has been in this situation or who has any suggestions for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=9 APA Founder and CEO Robert O'Block http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=8 Mon, 03 Apr 2006 21:26:28 GMT General http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=8 American Psychotherapy Association Founder and CEO, Robert O'Block has done an excellent job in bringing together mental health professionals from various fields to promote the field of psychotherapy. His vision has created an association that offers many benefits to its members. Members are offered continuing education credits, publishing and presentation opportunities, certifications, practice building tips, and most importantly, a community of networking and support with their fellow members. As Robert O'Block's vision for the APA is continuously growing, the association continues to grow in members and benefits as well. http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=8 Business Management Tips http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=5 Fri, 31 Mar 2006 14:24:33 GMT Conference http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=5 Kelly Snider, CAO of APA has been developing some great tips and sharing those with the members via the weekly Business Management Tips. Be sure that your e-mail is on file with the association so that you can get this great benefit also! http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=5 2006 Conference http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=4 Thu, 30 Mar 2006 20:13:09 GMT Conference http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=4 The annual conference is being held in Orlando, Fl. in September. I have spoken to so many of our members, and am very much looking forward to meeting you all! This will be a great opportunity to put the faces with the names. Lisa Dralle Asst. Chief Assoc. Officer http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=4 Welcome to the APA Blog! http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=3 Wed, 29 Mar 2006 14:10:07 GMT General http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=3 Welcome to the new blog! Take advantage of our new blog to find out the latest APA news, share your comments, and communicate with fellow members. Start blogging today! http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=3 Welcome to the APA Blog http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=2 Fri, 24 Mar 2006 19:15:04 GMT General http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=2 Welcome! This blog was setup to allow us to deliver articles to members and visitors and allow you to comment on those articles and subjects. Please be familiar with the following guidelines before posting any comments: Keep your comments as professional as possible, Be sure your comments are relevant to the subject of the blog, Keep your comments brief and to the point, Refrain from using any vulgar or profane expressions. http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/apablog/comment.php?entryid=2