APA Online CE Quiz

No. 26

Title: Massage Therapy: Clinical Applications for Individuals dealing with Multiple Chronic Conditions

1. Massage therapy is effective in lessening the psychological symptom of:
A) Narcissism
B) Hostility
C) Depression
D) Mania

2. Massage therapy decreases the use of:
A) Pharmaceuticals
B) Self-esteem building exercises
C) Cytotoxic cells
D) Lymph fluid

3. According to the article, massage therapy must be further explored in populations with:
A) Diabetes
B) Multiple sclerosis
C) Chronic, multiple illnesses
D) Lupus

4. Massage therapy alleviates:
A) Psychological difficulties
B) Physical difficulties
C) Psychological and hormonal difficulties
D) Physical and psychological difficulties

5. Massage therapists should be trained through:
A) Self-taught book study
B) Online courses
C) Hospitals
D) Massage therapy school

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