APA Online CE Quiz

No. 34

Title: Recovery Odyssey

1. After attaining sobriety, the person in recovery may switch addictions by turning from alcohol to:
A) Drug use.
B) Gambling.
C) Internet addiction.
D) Any/all of the above

2. The Lotus Eaters in The Odyssey represent:
A) Internet addiction.
B) Gambling.
C) Drug use.
D) Compulsive overeating.

3. Life on the floating islands of King Aeolus represents:
A) Poor differentiation of self.
B) Repressed spirituality.
C) Drug use.
D) Compulsive overeating.

4. Encountering Tiresias in the underworld is analogous to the person in recovery?s attempt to:
A) Kick the habit alone
B) Get advice from a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous.
C) Experience the sufferings of an addiction.
D) Overcome the temptation of the next drink.

5. The monsters Scylla and Charybdis may represent the:
A) Push and pull of the addiction.
B) Feelings of anxiety and depression which may accompany the recovery process.
C) Euphoria and withdrawal associated with an addiction.
D) Mental obsession and the physical allergy of the addiction.

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