APA Online CE Quiz

No. 41

Title: Intercessory Prayer, Visualization, and Expectancy for Patients with Severe Illnesses: Implications for Psychotherapy

1. Intercessory prayer is not an appropriate intervention to offer to clients because:
A) Some clients may not believe that intercessory prayer is effective.
B) Anecdotal evidence has proven intercessory prayer ineffective.
C) Its beneficial effects have not been demonstrated scientifically.
D) Superstitious clients may become upset.

2. A patient?s positive expectancy is useful in psychotherapy as a strategic intervention as:
A) Belief is a useful personal tool for self-healing.
B) Psychotherapy theories support the efficacy of response expectancy.
C) Psychotherapists who align their therapeutic approach with clients` yield valid outcomes.
D) Meta-analytic studies reveal that response expectancy can account for at least half the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

3. Why can a patient?s belief in the efficacy of prayer be utilized in psychotherapy?
A) From an eclectic theoretical orientation a therapist can utilize all clinical data.
B) The patient already unconsciously knows what changes are useful.
C) Because a patient's belief in God can ``move mountains.``
D) The empirical literature provides consistent support that the effect of psychotherapy can be enhanced by attending to the therapeutic potential of clients` expectations.

4. Evidence supporting the efficacy of intercessory prayer is:
A) Conclusive.
B) At best anecdotal.
C) Has consistently rejected the null hypothesis.
D) Is clearly not important if a client believes in the power of prayer.

5. The relationship between health, religion and psychotherapy is an area of interest receiving much current attention as evidenced by:
A) More television shows demonstrating the effectiveness of prayer.
B) Empirical evidence that specific religious affiliations impact health.
C) Many psychotherapists' growing interest in spirituality, prayer, and research in these areas.

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