APA Online CE Quiz

No. 42

Title: Inborn Preferences and You: What ?Innate? Behaviors and Perceptions Tell Us About Ourselves and Our World. By

1. The nature vs. nurture argument is not useful for studying behavior because:
A) It is an old issue that has not been resolved.
B) Neither view adequately explains most complicated behaviors.
C) Neither view is really relevant to behavior or learning.
D) Both views refer to embryonic development and not behavior.

2. Little variation among individuals in the consistency of a behavior indicates:
A) Extreme environmental influences.
B) Precise genetic control of behavioral development.
C) Lack of genetic variation in constructing the behavior.
D) Common genetic and/or environmental influences in constructing the behavior.

3. Human language is thought to be acquired quickly in infants because:
A) Parents talk incessantly to their children.
B) Language acquisition is not really a complex behavior.
C) Infants have a predisposition for listening to speech.
D) Genetics probably has no influence on language acquisition.

4. Chimeras are useful for the study of behavior because they:
A) Generate hybrid animals.
B) Demonstrate that complex behaviors are typically genetically controlled.
C) Demonstrate that complex behaviors are controlled by the brain.
D) Can isolate parts of the developing brain involved in specific behaviors.

5. Transplanting the developing midbrain between chickens and quails shows that (choose one):
A) Perceptual preferences cannot be transplanted.
B) The region is critical for the development of preferences for maternal calls.
C) The region is solely responsible for maternal call processing.
D) The region overrides the forebrain in controlling the behavior.

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