APA Online CE Quiz

No. 43

Title: RX Primer: The Medicines for Addictions

1. Disulfiram (AntabuseTM) works by slowing the breakdown of alcohol at:
A) The point of acetaldehyde formation.
B) The point of antigen formation.
C) The point of carbon dioxide and water formation.
D) The point of formaldehyde formation.

2. Naltrexone (ReViaTM) should not be used except in overdose:
A) In people who have alcohol dependence.
B) In people who have cocaine dependence.
C) In people who have marijuana dependence.
D) In people who have opiate dependence.

3. Buprenorphine (BuprenexTM) is:
A) Just like methadone (DolophineTM).
B) Just like levo-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM).
C) Different from methadone (Dolophine TM).

4. Methadone (DolophineTM) maintenance is controversial because:
A) It is an addicting synthetic opiate.
B) It is so different from the heroin that it replaces.
C) It is an herbal remedy.
D) It is extremely expensive.

5. Clonidine (CatapresTM) is actually a medicine for the treatment of:
A) Constipation.
B) Hypertension.
C) Nausea.
D) Vomiting.

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