APA Online CE Quiz

No. 46

Title: Eugene Gendlin?s Approach to Psychotherapy: An Awareness of ?Experiencing"

1. Gendlin?s basic concept of psychotherapy is:
A) The felt sense.
B) The felt shift.
C) Focusing.
D) Experiencing.

2. The main therapeutic method that Gendlin uses is:
A) Listening.
B) Focusing.
C) The two-chair method.
D) Experiencing.

3. According to Gendlin, experiencing is:
A) Thoughts.
B) Emotions.
C) Bodily felt.
D) Verbalizations.

4. According to Gendlin, psychotherapy has to:
A) Take place in a clinic.
B) Be hierarchical.
C) Have a felt dimension.
D) Include analysis.

5. As Gendlin uses the term, focusing is:
A) Something one does to a camera.
B) Concentrating.
C) Making direct reference to one`s experiencing.
D) Listening to someone intently.

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