APA Online CE Quiz

No. 47

Title: Managing Technostress in the Organizational Environment

1. Technostress is best described by which of the following definitions?
A) A modern disease of adaptation caused by an inability to cope with new computer technologies.
B) A whole area of problems that includes the stimuli-producing stress reactions, the reactions themselves and the various intervening processes.
C) The constant introduction of new technology in the work environment causing worker fatigue and aversion.
D) Employee inability to get new technological gadgets to properly function.

2. Technostress may cause employees to suffer from which of the following aspects of work alienation?
A) The fear of loss of control over the work environment.
B) The fear that employees will be reduced to machine attendants.
C) Fear that the technology will get credit for a job well done.
D) All of the above.

3. Stress among information-technology workers is primarily related to what aspect of the work environment?
A) Information technology is more stressful than it was five years ago.
B) Information-technology workers have more layers of supervisory oversight.
C) Information-technology workers are understaffed and have more responsibilities.
D) Information-technology workers are exposed to machine glare and uncomfortable work settings.

4. Organizations can best combat anxiety-based technostress among employees through which combination of techniques?
A) Provide diverse learning and training opportunities, implement an effective transition plan and provide specific training on the technology to be used.
B) Provide time-management training.
C) Provide a company wellness program.
D) Provide stress-reduction workshops.

5. Symptoms of technoanxiety are best described as:
A) Poor access to feelings and lack of empathy for others.
B) Irritability, headaches, nightmares and resistance to learning about computers.
C) Inflated self-esteem and excessive involvement in pleasurable activities.
D) Fears of abandonment, impulsive behavior, feelings of emptiness and anger.

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