APA Online CE Quiz

No. 66

Title: Attachment Disorder, Antisocial Personality, and Violence

1. As early as the latency years and preadolescence, children with attachment disorder can exhibit:
A) A lack of conscience and responsibility.
B) Self-gratification at the expense of others.
C) Dishonesty and a blatant disregard for the rules and standards of family and society.
D) All of the above.

2. According to this article, the ?affectionless psychopathy? that can result from the disruption of attachment during the first three years of life is characterized by:
A) The inability to form meaningful emotional relationships, coupled with chronic anger, poor impulse control, and a lack of remorse.
B) Extreme violence at an early age, especially towards caregivers.
C) Social withdrawal and isolation, along with severe depression.
D) Obsessive behaviors and thoughts.

3. According to this article, attachment is:
A) A child?s loving connection to a stuffed animal, blanket, or other object.
B) The deep and long-lasting emotional connection established between a child and caregiver in the first several years of life.
C) A connection that is rooted in biology and evolution.
D) Both B and C.
E) Both A and C.

4. Which of the following is NOT a common cause of attachment disorder?
A) Abuse and/or neglect.
B) A lack of adequate amounts of physical love (hugs, kisses, loving physical contact) from the primary attachment figure.
C) Prolonged separations from the primary attachment figure, as could result from prison sentences, or from severe medical or psychological problems.
D) Multiple out-of-home placements, as in moves in the foster care system.

5. Attachment disorder:
A) May be transmitted from generation to generation through learned behaviors when attachment-disordered parents are incapable of establishing an attachment with their own children.
B) May be transmitted biologically, like some other mental illnesses.
C) Both A and B are true.
D) None of the above are true.

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