APA Online CE Quiz

No. 67

Title: Psychological Testing and Psychotherapy

1. Assessment is defined as:
A) A process of understanding and helping people cope with problems
B) A set of procedures designed to acquire information.
C) A method of acquiring a sample of behavior under controlled conditions.
D) Using and interpreting standardized testing.

2. According to Goldman, psychotherapists should use assessment to:
A) Know the client better.
B) Offer recommendations for further therapy.
C) Better diagnose and treat.
D) Stimulate self-exploration.

3. Testing and assessment should primarily serve as:
A) Diagnostic tools.
B) An affirmation to the informal assessment conducted by the psychotherapist.
C) Adjuncts to naturalistic observation.
D) Tools to acquire information that can help clients in their decision-making.

4. Ethical issues regarding assessment and testing involve:
A) Using testing and assessment in inappropriate contexts.
B) Cultural bias in testing.
C) Invasion of privacy and confidentiality.
D) All the above.

5. The most important factor in test selection is:
A) The extent to which the test is useful in answering the referral question.
B) The amount of training the therapist has had in the administration and interpretation of the test.
C) The cost that may be transferred to the client.
D) Whether or not the therapist is licensed in a specific jurisdiction.

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