APA Online CE Quiz

No. 73

Title: RX Primer: The New Metabolic Warnings for Atypical Antipsychotics

1. The American Diabetic Association recommends that all patients who are to be prescribed atypical antipsychotic medicines:
A) Have a complete personal and family medical history taken.
B) Be weighed.
C) Have waist circumference measured.
D) All of the above.

2. Waist circumference should be measured:
A) At least weekly.
B) At least monthly.
C) At least annually.
D) At least every 5 years.

3. Patients who have pre-existing diabetes mellitus:
A) Should have regular blood glucose levels checked.
B) Should never be prescribed an atypical antipsychotic.
C) Should never be prescribed a conventional antipsychotic.
D) Should always be kept on their antipsychotic.

4. The FDA has determined that the following atypical antipsychotic is safe for people with diabetes:
A) Aripiprazole (AbilifyTM).
B) Cloxapine (ClozarilTM).
C) Olanzapine (ZyprexaTM).
D) None of the above.

5. One of the conventional antipsychotics that seems to be weight-neutral is:
A) Chlorpromazine (ThorazineTM).
B) Molindone (MobanTM).
C) Thioridazine (MellarilTM).
D) None of the above.

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