APA Online CE Quiz

No. 80

Title: Graduate Education in Applied Sport Psychology?

1. A standard applied sport-psychology curriculum
A) Seems evident in most applied sport-psychology training programs.
B) Should not have counseling training as part of the curriculum.
C) Does not seem evident in applied sport-psychology programs according to research conducted by Van Raalte and colleagues.
D) None of the above.

2. Hankes (1996) suggested that it is important for sport-psychology practitioners to develop ______ skills.
A) Interviewing
B) Biofeedback
C) Athletic
D) Interpersonal

3. Which type of training seems to be important for practitioners of applied sport psychology?
A) General counseling training
B) Training in the sport sciences such as exercise physiology and biomechanics
C) Specific training in sport psychology
D) All of the above

4. Case studies of on-site service provision of sport-psychology services revealed:
A) Most services are related to performance enhancement.
B) Sport-psychology consultants do not provide counseling services on site.
C) C. Most services provided are related to general counseling.
D) Most sport-psychology services are provided by individuals without training in sport psychology.

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