APA Online CE Quiz

No. 81

Title: The Recovery Odyssey IV: The Family Afterward?Returning Home

1. As a metaphor in counseling, the suitors in The Odyssey represent:
A) The adjustment of the family.
B) The character defects of the alcoholic.
C) The reduction in the proper functioning of the home.
D) The depleting supplies, resources, and energy.

2. The goddess Athena is viewed metaphorically in Alanon or Alcoholics Anonymous as:
A) higher power.
B) The 12 Step Program.
C) A sponsor.
D) An addictions counselor.

3. The Odysseus?s scar resembles what scar in alcoholism?
A) Physical abuse
B) Emotional abuse
C) Sexual abuse
D) Selfishness

4. Who indicated that family members compensate for an addicted individual?s poor functioning?
A) Cotton
B) The author of Alcoholics Anonymous
C) Campbell
D) Bowen

5. Penelope?s weaving of the funeral shroud during the day but unraveling it at night is symbolic of the alcoholic?s spouse?s:
A) emotional death.
B) deception.
C) means of coping.
D) inability to go on with his or her own life and develop emotionally.

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