APA Online CE Quiz

No. 84

Title: The Body Speaks: Are We Listening?

1. Which of the following describes the ?Warrior Model? of healing approaches?
A) The body is an ally in the healing process.
B) The client is seen as a warrior.
C) The body is essentially failing and needs to be fixed in order to overcome nature.
D) All of the above answers are correct.

2. How would the term ?functional genomics? best be described?
A) Certain genes have determined functions.
B) Akin to Mendel?s genetics
C) The way genes are turned on and off in response to signals from all parts of the body as well as the outer environment.
D) The way a person?s personality is determined.

3. Which of the following experiences initiates the body?s protective psycho-physio-genomic response?
A) Being chastised by your boss in front of your colleagues
B) Planning a trip
C) Having been told that you have an inoperable tumor in your brain
D) All of the above answers are correct.
E) Answers A and C are correct.

4. A major benefit in utilizing Clean Language with a client is:
A) The client is encouraged to make the most of communicating the metaphor that is the somatic symptom.
B) It allows the client to avoid unpleasant emotions and memories.
C) It speaks to the client?s internal experiential process rather than having to respond to the therapist?s (external) diagnoses and interpretations.
D) All of the above answers are correct.
E) Answers A and C are correct.

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