APA Online CE Quiz

No. 85

Title: Battling Late-Life Depression: Short Term Psychotherapy for Depression in Older Adults?A Review of Evidence-Based Studies Since 2000

1. Depression:
A) Affects primarily elders in industrialized nations like the United States.
B) Causes significant mortality from suicide without increasing mortality from medical illnesses.
C) Affects subjective, but not objective, signs of aging such as instrumental activities of daily living.
D) Causes significant morbidity related to both mental and physical health.
E) Ranks as the fifth most common mental health disorder of later life.

2. Randomized control trails verify the usefulness of each of the following types of psychotherapy except:
A) Long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy
B) Reminiscence therapy
C) Cognitive therapy
D) Interpersonal therapy
E) Problem solving therapy

3. Randomized control trials verify that life review or reminiscence therapy in older adults
A) Reduces infection
B) Does not significantly affect life satisfaction
C) Increases longevity
D) Increases morbidity
E) Decreases depression

4. Short-term psychotherapy can:
A) Improve glucose levels in older adults with diabetes
B) Decrease mortality secondary to a myocardial infarction
C) Decrease pain associated with arthritis
D) Improve balance and coordination
E) Decrease disability due to visual and hearing loss

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