APA Online CE Quiz

No. 9

Title: Gangs In Schools: An Introduction to the Problem and Interventions

1. A visible group of youths who engage at least some of the time in behaviors that are troublesome to the community of which they are a part and are sometimes illegal is Goldstein and Kodullboy`s definition of:
A) Organized crime
B) Juvenile delinquency
C) A gang
D) Street crime

2. Experience has shown that when developing an anti-gang program at a school it is ill advised to include:
A) Rehabilitated gang members
B) The police
C) Concerned citizenry
D) Counselors

3. Recent studies indicate that people who enter gangs tend to be:
A) Less prone to crime
B) More prone to crime
C) Previous offenders
D) Younger

4. Gangs use graffiti for the purpose of:
A) Expressing outrage at society.
B) Claiming the area is their territory.
C) To vandalize opposition.
D) None of the above.

5. Two nation-wide gang organizations have dominated gang violence. They are called:
A) The Aryan Brotherhood and the Gaels
B) The Crips and the Cuz
C) The Folks and the People
D) The Mafia and the Tongs

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