APA Online CE Quiz

No. 94

Title: RX Primer

1. Which of the following statements about insomnia is true?
A) Patients are unlikely to mention it.
B) Providers do not routinely ask about it.
C) Insomnia is often missed or untreated.
D) All of the above are true.

2. Sleep hygiene techniques include:
A) Going to bed only when ready to sleep.
B) Avoiding distracting activities in bed like reading or watching TV.
C) Limiting caffeine intake later in the day.
D) All of the above.

3. Which of the following agents are FDA-approved for the treatment of insomnia?
A) Rozerem
B) Ambien CR
C) Lunesta
D) All of the above

4. The duration of action of the new sleep agents depends on:
A) Half-life.
B) Active metabolite.
C) Age and hepatic function.
D) All of the above.

5. The new agents for sleep are superior to benzodiazepines in terms of:
A) Their having no restriction on duration of use in the treatment of insomnia.
B) Their decreased next-day residual effects.
C) Both A and B above are correct.
D) Both A and B above are false.

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