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Cathy L. Bartels, Pharm.D., FAAIM
"Herbs and Supplements for Cardiovascular Health"

Cathy L. Bartels, Pharm.D., FAAIM
"An Intergrative Approach to Menopause"

Susan A. Blackard
"Integrating alternative medicine practices into traditional medicine health systems"

Ron Carsten, DVM, MS
"Nutritional Supplements are not all created equal: What you should know when making recommendations"

Carolyn Egbert, M.S.
"Evaluation of Integrative Health Programs: Administrator and Practicioner Perspectives"

Rev. Mario Garcia, J.D., C.A.P.P.
"Faith Based Temperament Therapy"

Michael T. Haneline, DC, FICR
"Nutritional Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury"

Barbara D. Henderson, D.Min, BCC, LPC, DAPA
Elliot J. Rapopart, Ph.D.
Robert J. Thomsen, M.D.
"Healing the Therapeutic Community: Hope for Re-Integrating the Work of Medicine, Psychotherapy, and Pastoral Care

Robert Jarski, Ph.D., FAAIM
"Can Cardiovascular Disease Risk Ractors be reduced following a short-term, Integrative Lifestyle Modification Intervention?"

Charles D. Leviton, Ed.D., DAPA
"Guided Imagery as a Healing Therapeutic Tool"

Patricia Hames Meyer, LCSW, DAPA
"Beyond Psychotherapy: The Role and Function of a Mission Statement in bringing focus and meaning to all aspects of Ones Life"

William A. Mosier, Ed.D., LMFT
"Psycopharmacology for the Psychotherapist"

Bill O'Hanlon, M.S.
"Integrating Spirituality and Brief Therapy"

Thomas Roberts, LICSW, LMFT
"The White Knight is Talking Backwards: Hypnotherapeutic Interventions for Validating and Responding to the Body's language of Symptons"

Ernest Rossi, Ph.D.
"Mind, Body and Spirit: Facilitating Gene Expression, Neurogenesis and Healing in Creative Living"


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