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We believe the world becomes a better place one person at a time. We also know, and the hard data has repeatedly demonstrated, that how you talk to yourself matters. It matters in health, longevity, prosperity, relationships- it simply matters in everything!

This site was created to provide a home page with a positive start to the day. We pack it with the tools you need, such as a personal address book and a to do list, but most importantly, we fill it with motivational and inspirational content.

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Eldon Taylor

a counseling psychology networking program - A.S.E.A.N.

Welcome to the S. E. Asian portal in counseling psychology with Global Area Networking between the A.S.E.A.N. group of nations

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Sudheesh Bhasy
Email: for Therapists
Emotional Wellness Matters
Anderson & Anderson
Anderson & Anderson provides Anger Management Certification, classes,workbook and videos. Materials provided in Spanish,Korean & English

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George Anderson

International Council of Integrative Medicine

ICIM is a non-sectarian non-profit charitable institution whose mission embraces mainstream medicine, holistic health technologies and ethical standards for health care.


The newest issue of Behavioral Health Headlines can be viewed in SAMHSA's web site "Newsroom". Reports are posted bi-weekly and contain 30+ entries of State and National news related to public sector health, mental health, and substance abuse.

Gift From Within

PTSD Resources for Survivors & Caregivers.

Dr. Jane Rosen-Grandon, Ph.D.


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