Professionals Choice LLC, the only approved insurance provider for APA members, is proud to offer the following types of coverage to our valued association members.

  • TERM LIFE - Request Quote
    • 10 year term 
    • 15 year term
    • 20 year term 
    • 30 year term 
  • PERMANENT LIFE - Request Quote
    • Universal Life  
  • LONG TERM CARE - Request Quote
    • cost of long term care could be the biggest expense you ever face
  • DISABILITY INCOME - Request Quote
    • would you like an income you can't outlive?

For More Information

For more information on the Insurance Benefits available for APA members through Professionals Choice, call your Professionals Choice Representative Eugene Wright toll free at (800) 205-9165, ext. 113, or e-mail him at

  • Nine Free Legal Services
  • Deeply discounted fees for 8 commonly used legal services
  • Guaranteed low hourly rates
  • ID theft protection program available


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